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Our Vehicles

The vehicles we use at Click and Quads are the heart of our exciting quad excursions. Our fleet consists of 5 quads Kymco MXU 300, in black and yellow, which are a blend of power, versatility, and comfort, designed to take you through the different terrains of Tenerife.

The Heart of the Adventure

The Power of Kymco MXU 300

The Kymco MXU 300 quads feature a 300cc engine, ensuring you enjoy an exciting and controllable experience while exploring the island. Their powerful engine and agility make them the perfect choice for adventurers and nature lovers alike.

Highlighted Features of Our Quads:


2. Strong front steel bumper covering the large radiator.

1. Single-cylinder, 271cc, 4-stroke engine, delivering a power output of 21.86 hp (16.3 kW) at 7,500 rpm.

3. 2 x 180mm brake discs.

4. Double parallel-arm suspension with adjustable shock absorbers in 5 positions, offering an impressive travel of 52mm.

6. Hydraulic shock absorber with preload adjustment in 5 positions and a travel of 90mm.

7. High-quality and durable closed double-cradle steel frame, along with steel wheels.

5. A 180mm brake disc.

Sustainability and Efficiency

At Click and Quads, we not only seek thrills but also care for the environment. Our quads are equipped with efficient engines that reduce emissions and fuel consumption, allowing us to explore the beauty of Tenerife responsibly.

Join the Adventure

Our quads are much more than vehicles; they are the gateway to exploring Tenerife's hidden treasures. Join us for a unique and eco-friendly experience as we discover the wonderful island of Tenerife together.


Discover our tour and get ready for an experience

that will make a difference at Click and Quads!

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